Video production services that BRING stories to life

We find the story that you can’t see, the one that your audience need to hear.

Good videos are all about human connection.

It's hard to do but it's what every good story does. It takes a topic that could be total snooze fest and turns it into a tale that connects your brand with your audience’s minds.

So you are remembered. For all the right reasons.

What do you really want? A quick fix, or a big impact?

Let’s be honest. Anyone can whip out their iPhone and start filming. You can download an app that’ll sync your music, add a filter in just one tap and have something ready to post in just a few minutes.

You might have made a video. But will you have made an impact?

A modern, dynamic video & design company creating industry-leading content.

“We no longer have to explain to people what we do - they already know! We stand out from any perceived competition, only speak to pre-qualified prospects, are far more time-efficient and, at the end of the day, profitable as a business.”

- Ian Male, Head Coach at Greenwich Training

This is how you get your brand noticed

We have a tried and tested process when it comes to creating video content. We know production is expensive so our 50/20/30 split keeps costs down and impact up.

Get in touch to find out more about how we build narrative from pre-production through to post-production.

Pre-production planning (50%)

This is where we develop your story. So we can keep production costs down, and your impact up. You can be involved as much or as little as you choose.

Brief the project.

Decide the purpose.

Research the heroes.

Develop the plot.

Find the places to set the story.

Structure the story

Production (20%)

Now it’s time to capture the footage that brings your story to life. We've been doing this for a while, so we know what we need to bring to every type of shoot. From one man run and gun filming to a film crew of 100, we bring our all to the set. We make sure we can follow the story where it takes us, rather than being limited by the resources we have available.

Post-production (30%)

After three to four internal edit rounds, we send the project over to you for feedback and review. You’re not limited on the number of edits, as long as we’re sticking to the pre-production plan we’ll keep going until your project’s perfect.

“The team and the final product. *chef's kiss* ”