Original Unexpected And very human.

We’re Shiny. We’re creative trailblazers and storytellers.

We’re here to tell your stories in the most memorable way we can.

We like to try new tech, before it becomes mainstream. Test original marketing methods, before you’ve heard of them. And push the creative boundaries of what’s possible.

We dare to do things differently. So your brand gets remembered and your message gets heard. By the people who need it the most.

It’s all about building that human connection.

Make your brand the one everybody’s talking about.

Your business gets the memorability it deserves. And you get a creative studio on call, with people who actually give a damn about what you do.

"Unlike any agency you’ve experienced before."

We're a creative studio first and an agency when we need to be. Which means we do the making ourselves and operate like real-life humans working for you.

"Immediate access to the most passionate creative talent there is."

Your project deserves the best. You need the best creative talent, so that’s what we give you. With the perfect balance between breadth and depth of knowledge. And the passion to make an impact.

"Surprise your competitors with something original."

How would it feel to be surprised by what you can do? That’s our goal. We deliver the unexpected, finding the little details you overlooked. To create an extraordinary experience.

"Where creativity gets real results."

There’s no point being creative if it’s not going to impact your business. You tell us your goals, we’ll tell you how to make them happen. In the most creative way we can.

Our clients love what we do!

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"Like working with a friend who knows how to do really cool stuff and makes work fun."

Caroline Bain
Marketing Director, Dyna Medical

"High-end creatives, that are incredibly down to earth and approachable."

Paul McCormack
Saudi Aramco/HSBC

“Great team of people and can handle anything you throw at them.”


“A modern, dynamic company creating industry-leading content.”

Ian Male
Director, Greenwich Training

"Incredible, on time, professional, collaborative."


"We moved from a supplier of limited products to a rapid extension of additional lines and to a broader customer base."

Marten Thornton
Director, Lowther Loudspeakers

What if you were the trailblazer?